Hey guys,

I hope all my videos and previous articles have been helpful to get an idea on what is the process of interviews and what the main topics are.

Here I present a platform to all of you which is FREE OF COST and is the best way to study Data Structures and Algorithms.

When I was in my 2nd year and wanted to start preparation for my oncampus interviews, I met Mr. Sumeet Malik who started a coding institute called Pepcoding in New Delhi. I had heard about him from few of my friends who had studied from him before. Pepcoding was at a very early stage at that time, just setting up their first centre, and I trusted Sumeet sir with my time without knowing him and Sumeet sir trusted me to onboard me as a student in his very first batch at Pepcoding. From then on, he was there till the time I cracked my dream job and even today I can personally ping him anytime for queries.

Coming to the topic, You can visit the website at this link. Here you are welcomed with two options at the moment, they do plan to add more content here.

Data Structures and Algorithms tab has 269 questions which cover all topics right from the basics of what is Java to advanced graph questions.

For each and every topic, you will find enough coding questions that you will be proficient in those topics. I have never seen this much quality content on the internet, all at one place.
The good part is, all questions on pepcoding have a video solution along with them. Which means whenever you are stuck, you always have an option of watching the videos.

The Interface is smooth to use. You have an editor to write code and run your test cases, solution tab to read the editorial solution written by pepcoding. Video to the question is present in every question which links to a youtube video made by pepcoding.

I guess for any student who wishes to start their journey with Data Structures and Algorithms, Pepcoding is the best resource out there.

Just to make sure, this isn’t a promotional post by pepcoding and I am in no way being told to write this post. This comes as a thank you post for Sumeet sir’s endless support and help to each and every student out there.

Do leave a comment about their course and what you feel about it. 🙂

Ronak Sakhuja

A DCE/DTU alumini working as Software Engineer at Microsoft. I love to help budding engineers develop a great profile and mentor them to crack job interviews.


Vardhamansankar · August 15, 2020 at 2:23 pm

Iam from tier-3 college in tamilnadu with Bsc IT degree , but I dont want to limit my skills,
I really want to get into faang companies. so can you please gave me a answer that if I prepared well and have good skills can I get into google or ms . Or its waste of my time to get prepared.

    Ronak Sakhuja · August 17, 2020 at 5:51 am

    To answer your question, DS Algo is most important for cracking FAANG companies and there are enough offcampus opportunities which come in for these companies. For example Microsoft had One Microsoft test 2019 for hiring interns. They do select people from all colleges. And why to stop only at FAANG companies, there are 100s other companies which are equivalent to them. Goldman Sachs recently had their hiring contest, google had their hiring test for offcampus this week, amazon had amazewow test for hiring early in may/june, hotstar had offcampus hiring drive recently.

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