I am Ronak Sakhuja, a 3rd-year student at Delhi Technological University. This post is for those who are preparing for the coming Internship/Placement season. I am nobody to tell you which website to refer to for the best resources, but I can tell you what I did so that you can learn from my strategy to formulate your own.

I joined the Interview Preparation course at Pepcoding (http://pepcoding.com/), which is a coding institute in New Delhi started by Sumeet Sir in December 2017. We were given a comprehensive list of 400 questions which we solved together in the class and coded all of them during the summer break.

Resource #1


Geeksforgeeks is an infinite resource for your preparation for interviews. With plenty of questions and interview experiences, I believe this is the one stop solution to all your needs. Check out the Interview tab on the website which has all the relevant resources for the interview. I would suggest following the top topics tab (https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/interview-preparation-for-software-developer/) on the website to prepare for each and every topic separately.

Moreover, whenever you are appearing for a particular company’s test, Attempt all the previously asked questions of the company in the company prep tab and do read Interview Experiences for your role.

The practice section of the website is a must do for hands-on practice on questions. At the time of the 1st rounds of various companies, One problem that I faced was that I got short on time. So I suggest do a timed practice of questions on the practice section of geeksforgeeks.

Resource #2


Interviewbit.com has a subset of questions from geeksforgeeks.org, but that is not what it is famous for. This website is famous for its test cases. Can you believe I got stuck at “Reverse a Number” question which is considered to be the easiest of all? This website has practice questions which were previously asked in companies and provides a good hands-on experience of solving problems with a very cool interface. I would suggest you solve the questions from interviewbit first and then move to geeks to further find out that you’ve already done plenty of the questions.

Resource #3

In case you are stuck with basic concepts and questions


Hands down to the best resource to learn data structures in Java out there on the Internet. Pepcoding is an institute which teaches hundreds of students every month the concepts of data structures and algorithms. Sumeet sir has made available most of the videos of the course on the internet for everyone to watch and learn their bit. Do have a look

What is the best way to utilize these resources?

But, Sooner or later you will realize solving problems is still a doable task with all the available resources to find solutions and rather well-explained solutions on websites like geeksforgeeks.org, one needs to figure out another way to stay in touch with all the questions so as to not forget the strategy to solve different kinds of questions. You will probably spend the two months of summer holidays to solve plenty of questions but what to do when you have your interview in 2 days. How to formulate a strategy of revision? What all questions to revise in what order? How to read the complete text of geeks when revising

  1. Notes
    Make personal notes, handwritten notes of each and every question which seems difficult to you so as to keep the revision process easy at a later stage.
  2. The Problem with geeksforgeeks is the absence of tracking your progress and making notes altogether on the platform. For solving this problem, I made a tool GeekAssistant last year to aid my interview preparation process and I want every one of you to utilize this to the fullest.

GeekAssistant(Live Again)

Geek Assistant is a chrome extension which adds a box to the geeksforgeeks website with the options as seen in the image.


  1. We can mark an article as Easy/ Medium / Hard
  2. We can bookmark a question
  3. We can mark a question as done
  4. We can write notes and save it for future reading

Once an article on geeksforgeeks.org is marked on the tool, we can make use of the Geek Assistant portal to view your progress and all the questions marked.

All the sections of the portal provide information regarding the questions you marked on the geek assistant tool.

With Geek Assistant, you can proceed with the preparation of Interviews in the way you want, but smarter than before.

How to Set Up Geek Assistant

  1. Download the chrome Plugin from http://bit.ly/geekassistantchrome
  2. Sign up on the portal https://www.ronaksakhuja.com/geekassistant.
  3. Open https://www.geeksforgeeks.org to find a box in the right-hand side with an option to enter email and password.
  4. That’s it! Start Using Geekassistant daily to track your progress.
  5. In case of feature requests and bugs, feel free to join the community http://bit.ly/geekassistantfb or send me an email at ronaksakhuja at gmail.com
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Ronak Sakhuja

A DCE/DTU alumini working as Software Engineer at Microsoft. I love to help budding engineers develop a great profile and mentor them to crack job interviews.


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