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Hey guys! Last week I introduced you all with my college project which I had launched on my domain for everyone to use. If you haven’t read that post, read it here.

Essentially Geek Assistant is a tool I developed which helped me prepare for my interviews and now I have set it open for all so that everyone can get the same benefits I had during my journey. Often in my videos and blogs, I mention how important it is to make notes along the way when you study. It helps you to revise when you know there is an interview scheduled in a week or so. My notebook helped me to crack Microsoft 6 months after I stopped studying, just because it was too easy to revise.
Following this strategy, GeekAssistant is a tool which helps you make notes across three platforms(I am adding more). It is available on, and .

Here is a video which is a quick demo of what GeekAssistant is and how to use it. Happy watching 🙂

Do comment what features you would like me to add on, or what more websites you want GeekAssistant tool to appear on 🙂

Ronak Sakhuja

A DCE/DTU alumini working as Software Engineer at Microsoft. I love to help budding engineers develop a great profile and mentor them to crack job interviews.


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