It’s Diwali time, which means it’s also Whatsapp Diwali Messages Spam time. Each Diwali we send and we receive 100s of Happy Diwali wishes on Whatsapp in the form of Text messages, Images, GIFs, Videos, etc.

Most of us don’t care to read the message, or even download the photo/video just because we know the message is forwarded/ Sent to everyone.

The question is how to make others feel that this is not just a forwarded message, It’s a special, manually typed, personalised message.

This is what I did this Diwali, to make all my friends and relatives feel special.

And how did I do it?

Isn’t it Magic?

How to do it?

I used a combination of selenium web driver in python and pandas library to automate WhatsApp web. The simplest way to send a message is to search the contact name, click on the user in the left panel, type in the message and send. The good thing is, you do not need to worry about all of this, because I have already written a python script for this. All you need to worry about is choosing the contacts you wish to send the message.

Refer to my code on github at

Step by Step Guide to Send Personalised Diwali Messages

  1. Clone the repository on your local system.
  2. Open
  3. Select all the contacts you want to send Diwali Greetings
  4. Click on Create Label for those contacts and give them a name.

5. It’s time to export the data.

6. Select your Diwali Group in the Selected Contact Settings and export the data as CSV format.

Now we have all the contact names to whom we wish to send our Personalised Diwali Greetings

7. Save the file as google.csv in the same directory as the source code.

8. Download appropriate Chrome Driver for your system , and keep it in the same directory as your source code by the name of chrome driver.

9. You can modify your Message by changing the code in file.

10. Line 28 of the code specifies the pre_msg, the part of the message before the name gets added, line 29 of the code is post_msg, part of the message after the name gets added.

11. Install the required libraries: selenium, pandas, pickle.

12. Follow instructions to run the code as given in the readme file in GitHub repo.

13. To enter a nickname, Type the name you want in the message and hit enter.

14. To skip the name from the list, Press enter without typing anything.

15. To use the First name of the person, i.e the name after the ‘-’ symbol, Write F and hit enter.

16. After scanning of the list is complete, A window will open up with WhatsApp web, You need to scan your Whatsapp to log in to WhatsApp web.

17. Magic will begin on its own 🙂

Happy Spamming

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