Microsoft has always been a dream for me, ever since my childhood. I have always wanted to be like Bill Gates(Of course why not, he was the richest person on the planet)

To be very honest, my desire to be like Bill Gates when I was in class 3 lead me to do a degree in Computer Engineering. I am a Final year student at Delhi Technological University and currently Interning at Microsoft.

Long story cut short, I want to come to the point where each and every reader over here can apply for an internship at Microsoft and be a part of the best tech company in the world.

Tech Set Go(2018)

Microsoft conducts an annual hiring competition named Tech Set Go(Name changes every year, in 2019 it was Microsoft One test) in (October in 2019) December-January for pre-final year students all over India. The only constraint is that your CGPA/Percentage should be higher than 7.0 or 70%.

Round 1: Coding Test

It was an online coding round on mettl platform this year(Unlike Cocubes that Microsoft uses most of the time). It consisted of 3 coding questions. I had solved two properly and had a few test cases fail in the third one, yet I cleared. The questions were in increasing order of difficulty and opening of any other tabs on your laptop was not allowed. The results came out within two weeks.

Round 2: Interviews

I was called over to Microsoft campus Hyderabad for interviews in February. There we had a group fly round in which two questions were given and we had to code them on pen and paper. Questions were direct and related to DP and Trees. It was followed by another two round of one two one interviews and finally I was told I was selected.

The best part, The Internship

I am here at Microsoft Bangalore working on the Dynamics 365 team. I have got a very cool team and a super amazing mentor and manager to help me through the summer. I am looking forward to the amazing two months ahead.

Reach out to me on Linkedin for any further queries.

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Ronak Sakhuja

A DCE/DTU alumini working as Software Engineer at Microsoft. I love to help budding engineers develop a great profile and mentor them to crack job interviews.


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